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Join our affiliate program and start earning new income quickly! Your unique experience as a health and fitness professional gives you an immediate leg up with this new opportunity.

Imagine earning a full 10% commission ($14.40 per week for most individual client orders) from each and every sale you make of a fresh, healthy, complete meal plan, that helps your clients achieve their health and fitness goals. You’ll have the confidence of knowing your clients are complementing their training plan with nutritionally controlled meals that follow guidelines that are based in science and have over 17 years of proven results.

We are offering you this opportunity.  Our affiliate program will allow you to earn a straight 10% commission on every single qualified sale you make by promoting Healthy For Life Meals. This includes both new/first-time orders and recurring/subscription orders. Upon joining our affiliate program, you’ll be assigned a unique referral link to our web site, which you’ll use when marketing to your audience.  You’ll earn a straight commission of 10% of the product revenue for each order that comes through from your unique referral link!  If the order is for a subscription plan, you’ll earn commission for every week that the subscription remains active. With your background as a fitness and health professional and your extensive knowledge of what it takes for your clients to truly succeed in achieving real improvements in their health for the long-term, you are a great candidate to quickly enjoy success in this affiliate marketing program. 

How does it work?  It’s simple:

  1. Sign up, get access to photos, links, and your own simple account dashboard to track sales, commission payments, and stay up to date with the affiliate program. 

  2. Integrate your unique Healthy For Life Meals referral link into your marketing efforts – for example, via your social media accounts, or in direct contact with your customer base via personal, email, or other communication.

  3. Users click on your referral link and order Healthy For Life Meals. 

  4. You earn 10% commission on the sale.

Participating in our affiliate program is free of charge, free of risk, and can be canceled at any time.

Key Benefits

  • 10% commission on product sales anywhere we deliver within the states of IL, IA, NE and WI.

  • Wide selection of digital ads, logos, nutrition-related content links; videos and printed material available periodically.

  • Periodic Healthy For Life Meals promotional offers available for you to market.

  • 30 day cookie window. 

  • Dedicated affiliate program team contacts to help you with any problems you may encounter.

  • An extremely high quality, consistent product backed by a company with integrity at its core.

  • A unique, fresh, nutritionally controlled meal plan with a focus on clean, whole, real foods, and featuring customizable menus.

  • No credit card fees to pay.  No mandatory advertising fee to pay.  No rent/lease payment for store/office to pay.  No labor expenses or delivery expenses to pay. No customer service or meal distribution work required!

Start Earning Today

Just sign up here and you’re ready to start earning money today.  Please feel free to contact us at corp@healthyforlifemeals.com with any questions you have.