How to customize a menu

We work hard to ensure enough variety to please even the most choosy palate, and we carefully create our menus so that each meal works with the others on the menu to provide the nutrition you need to achieve your health and weight loss goals. We also understand that sometimes you want choices! That’s why we offer substitutions of up to six meals per week through our menu customization feature.

It works like this 

1. Place an order and select "Customize Order"

After you place your order, select Customize Order on your account dashboard and select the week you'd like to customize.

2. Select meals to substitute

Select up to one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner to swap out for each partial-week period, replacing it with another meal that you'd like instead.

Customization Deadlines

Customization requires extra time for us, so keep in mind that the deadline to customize an order is 7 days ahead of time:  7pm (CST/CDT) on Monday for the following Monday's pickup/delivery, and 7pm (CST/CDT) Thursday for the following Thursday's pickup/delivery.