Highly processed foods and our food budgets

By Healthy For Life Meals

As much as many Americans like to believe we’re eating healthy, we could be pulling the wool over our own eyes.

While we may believe we’re making mostly healthy food choices, it turns out that 61% of the groceries we buy in America are in fact highly processed, highly unhealthy foods. Almost 1,000 calories a day of the average American’s diet come solely from these highly processed foods, according to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. These foods also contribute 70% of the sodium in the typical American diet, and 90% of added sugars!

Highly processed foods are defined as multi-ingredient mixtures that are no longer recognizable as their original plant or animal source. Examples include obvious items like chips and sweets, and items that may be surprising, like packaged soups, chicken nuggets, jarred pasta sauces, and ice cream.  There are many potential negative health effects of eating highly processed foods containing too much sugar, sodium and fat, including increased risk of cancer, heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Now let’s talk about food budgets. According to a recent poll, the average American spends $168 per week on food, or on average, $8/meal.  33% of this grocery spend each week is on processed snacks and sweets, and sugary beverages.  Yes, we choose to spend a whopping 33% of our grocery budget on items that provide 61% of our total caloric intake, and that are literally making us sick!

Avoiding heavily processed foods means eating meals that are cooked from scratch using primarily clean, whole foods that are found in the outer perimeter aisles of the grocery store (fresh produce, fresh meat, and dairy sections). And this is why Healthy For Life Meals is here.

While Americans are spending an average of $168 per week ($8/meal) on food that is 61% highly processed and loaded with excess sodium, sugar, fat, and artificial ingredients, Healthy For Life Meals provides a realistic, simple solution.  For just $144 per week for our 1200 calorie plan (average of $6.86/meal, or $7.81/meal if you choose delivery), we cook your meals using fresh, clean, whole foods and follow nutritional guidelines that backed by science. 

We’re here to help you save money, save time, and still avoid those highly processed foods that are contributing to poor health.

Spend less, eat well, live more. Find out more.

Average food spend

Average food spend

Stef Keegan