The Powerful Impact of Food on Health

By Lizzie Streit, MS, RDN, LD 

At Healthy For Life Meals, we are committed to helping you get healthy and feel great. And we’ve got the results to prove it! 

Our complete, nutritionally controlled meal plans focus on fresh, clean, whole foods and follow  nutritional guidelines that are based in science. No supplements, shakes or bars.  Rather, just real, delicious meals prepared by our amazing culinary team.  They’re fresh and delicious, and have helped thousands of people lose weight and achieve their health goals

Making health improvements by eating delicious, real foods is not only possible but also extremely effective, and our clients are living proof of this message.  

The Impact of Healthy For Life Meals on Health Metrics 

Recently, we asked 110 of our clients to eat Healthy For Life Meals for 16 weeks, and to share some health metrics before and after this period. 

Here’s what we learned the end of those 16 weeks: 

  • 100% experienced significant weight loss 

  • 97% had lower total cholesterol levels 

  • 75% had lower blood pressure 

  • 71% had lower triglycerides 

How’s that for the power of real, whole foods? Losing weight and improving lipid levels, blood pressure and other metrics is an incredibly important part of preventing chronic disease, and truly getting “healthy for life.” 

And the best part? 

Getting these results did not require hours in the gym, calorie counting, constant monitoring and policing of food choices, or supplements. The results simply demonstrate the power of eating right. 

Positive Reviews of Healthy For Life Meals 

While our recent experiment included 110 of our clients, we’ve helped tens of thousands of people make significant improvements in their health.  

Here’s what other clients have to say: 

The food is great. As a matter of fact, there hasn’t been anything I didn’t like. It’s like having a personal chef in my kitchen!!” – Judy L., 05/2019 

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My husband's diabetes has improved so much since starting the meals 4 weeks ago. He's off insulin! We are both so pleased and he's enjoying the meals.” – Judy M, 04/2019 

I appreciate the ease of this service. The meals have been good and I can say that I haven't been hungry.” – Margaret H, 02/2019 

The food is delicious and so convenient! I have lost 43 pounds so far and am now just 7 pounds from my goal!” – Gary C, 01/2019 

Lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. I find keeping my weight and cholesterol levels under control to be very easy with this eating plan.” – Donna K, 11/2018 

Great meals. Very filling. Great variety. Very prep. I am very pleased and happy with how flexible the program is!” – Shannon B, 08/2018 

Want to get similar results and reap the many benefits of Healthy For Life Meals? Get started with one of our plans today and use promo code RESULTS2019 for $10 off your first full week order. 

Stef Keegan