Duluth Meal Delivery

Our fresh, healthy, nutritionally controlled meal plans can be delivered to your door in Duluth and throughout Minnesota. With a focus on clean, whole, real foods, we follow the nutritional guidelines based on decades of science rather than the latest “quick fix” diet. Get started on reaching your weight loss and other health-related challenges today.

Start getting Healthy For Life

Choose a plan

Healthy For Life Meals offers 1200, 1500, and 2000 calories-per-day meal plans.  Our virtual planner helps you pick the right meal plan for you, or our experts can help you decide.

Choose a menu

Whether you prefer a traditional or a vegetarian menu, our menus offer huge variety with 105 completely different meals that rotate on a 5-week basis.  We feature fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients with a focus on clean, whole, real foods.

Order your meals

We have 25 store locations in the Minneapolis/St. Paul and Rochester areas for meal pick-up, and also offer delivery throughout Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.  And since there’s never a contract, you have the flexibility to start and stop your meal orders as your schedule allows.


See the results

Our clients who see the greatest success in achieving their personal health goals are those who choose our full week plan and adhere to it over time, without wavering from it between meals. Most clients start to see results before or during the second week.