See beyond the smoke and mirrors


A letter from our CEO

I’m reaching out directly to our Minnesota and western Wisconsin customers to clear up some confusion first-hand.  By now, most of you are aware that the name you’ve known our Minnesota-based company as for over 16 years has changed, and that we’ve rebranded as Healthy For Life Meals.

In the past several days, a number of you have contacted us with some confusion about some solicitation emails and snail mail you’ve recently received from the Illinois-based company with which we used to be affiliated. We are no longer affiliated with that company in any way.  Unfortunately, their office in Illinois has decided to directly target our Minnesota/Wisconsin clients in their marketing campaigns, using smoke and mirrors tactics about “who’s who.”  It is confusing to our clients and frankly, we feel it's unprofessional of them to be underhanded about soliciting orders from MN/WI folks under the premise that they’re “us,” especially while quietly charging a substantially higher price than what our customers in Minnesota have come to expect from us ($36-$56 higher per full week order). 

Please be assured that we are a completely separate company and that you'll only see communications from us under the name Healthy For Life Meals.  We're the same owners, same professional culinary and nutrition team, and same wonderful customer-focused service team that's been in place here in Minnesota for almost 17 years.  What's changed is that we’re now able to provide a far superior product:  an updated, relevant and fun menu that focuses on fresh, clean, whole, foods and that provides the recommended nutritional content that’s based in science, as well as on years of our clients' feedback and requests.  We’re now able to use much higher quality ingredients and provide superior nutrition to what the previous brand provides.  Additionally, we can now offer the option of customizing your menu - allowing you to swap certain meals out that you may not care for and replace them with others of your choice. 

I apologize for any confusion caused by the smoke and mirrors messaging you may have received from the Illinois-based company.  We remain fiercely loyal to our Minnesota roots and to our commitment to helping our clients reach their health and weight loss goals.   Our client-focused team greatly values your business and we look forward to continuing to provide the quality and value that you’ve come to expect from us.

Very sincerely,

Stephanie Keegan, CEO/Partner


Stef Keegan