Thank you - you are saving my life!


In the convoluted nutrition and weight loss industry, we are met daily in our business by competitors’ marketing gimmicks and misinformation that puts pressure on us to cave from our mission. Pressure to cave to fads, to trends, and to providing what consumers are being led to believe is the latest and greatest magic potion, only to be able to boost sales.

Last night I received a note from a client named Tim with these 7 simple, but so powerful words:

”Thank you – you are saving my life!”

What we do may not be the trendiest, sexiest, magic-potion-promising “fix,” but what we do is real, is based in science, and it works. We see this again and again and again, from clients just like Tim. Thank you , Tim. We do not take your comment lightly. It’s an honor for us to be able to help you in your journey towards better health.

-Stephanie Keegan, CEO/Partner
Heatlhy For Life Meals

Stef Keegan